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Serena Saunders

Communications and programs professional • Political and civic empowerment enthusiast • BA '20, MPP '21 from UMD

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I'm Serena Saunders. I'm a recent graduate of the University of Maryland (Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy '20, Master in Public Policy '21). I'm interested in all the ways people become politically and civically engaged, and I'm even more interested in helping them do so with a particular focus on underrepresented groups in politics, such as youth and women. You can read more about my work experience by downloading my resumé; the link is above!

Beyond my work experience, I enjoy writing pieces on politics, media and everything in between, and I hope to do more of it in the future. This site will mostly serve as a central hub for all my writing across platforms. You can read my pieces by following any of the links below. Connect with me via email, LinkedIn or Twitter!


Feminist Majority Foundation

Regular newswires on feminist-related topics from January-April 2020.

Feminist Campus

Weekly opinion blogs on economic justice from January-April 2020. 

The Diamond-back

Weekly opinion columns and contributions to occasional staff editorials from January 2020-present.

Weekend Again?

Occasional media reviews and recommendations from March 2020-present.


Other irregular pieces from March-September 2019.

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